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Determined to go above and beyond for his clients, Albert Torres has built a reputation based on integrity, efficiency and determination. Real estate is an industry that needs to be fully understood in all aspects in order to move forward as efficiently as possible. This is where Albert’s expertise in working with buyers, sellers, and investors separates him from the rest. He has an energetic workaholic spirit that not only attracts others to his optimistic perspective but also has proven to be an effective marketing force when it comes time to produce results. He believes that it is imperative for his clients to be thoroughly educated in the NJ market and in all aspects of the business in order for a seamless experience. Albert lives by the phrase “Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance” and understands the importance of every moment. This is why he assures to answer any question and/or concern at anytime of the day and provide nothing less than a professional and proficient experience.

Mobile: 908.875.4401