The beautiful decor inside of Farinolio in Westfield!.

Farinolio brings you a simple yet beautiful taste of Italy

Head Baker Tonino Salvatori and his staff

Head Baker Tonino Salvatori and his staff

Every dish is an authentic Tuscan experience thanks to 1st generation Italian (from Florence, Italy) founders Annette and Francesco Colbertaldo along with their head baker Tonino Salvatori. Every dish is both authentic and absolutely beautiful along with it’s presentation made with only high quality and clean. Quite frankly, I have never experienced anything like this in either New Jersey or New York. They have everything from Tuscan breakfast, to lunches, to some of the most remarkable and unique pastries that you wont find anywhere else. The bread is all baked in house. The fresh focaccia sandwiches with fresh prosciutto is just mouth watering. With all that being said, the cookies and pastries are amongst the best I have ever had. You MUST try the croissants. You can get them with either plain or stuffed with custard cream, house made nutella, or jam. Their specialty dish is the Schiacciata all'uva which is an authentic semi sweet Tuscan bread made with grapes is just incredible.

Whether it is your first time or 100th time, the entire staff will welcome you as if you were a part of their family. The staff is absolutely incredible. They are both friendly and extremely knowledgeable of authentic Italian cuisines and ingredients. Every experience is a learning experience because there is no Italian experience that compares to this. When you walk in you are hit with the beautiful smell of fresh bread and espresso along with bright smiles from both the employees and customers falling in love with the experience. You could see the sparkle in the customers eyes as they glaze over the display cases. There has been countless of times where I have walked out with a box of cookies without expecting because their Tuscan jam cookies are just out of this world.


So next time you take a trip into Westfield, take a brief moment and take a quick step inside of Italy inside of Farinolio! The address is 121 E Broad St in Westfield, New Jersey 07901. They are opened from 7:45AM-5:00PM on Sundays and 8:45PM-4:00PM Tuesday-Saturday. The selection is endless and there is something for everyone. This is one truly memorable experience.

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