Huge shout out to Luigi and Mark for giving a tour! Check out the video above!

Check out the hottest and newest ice cream shop around!


With Ani Ramen arriving in Summit, it’s colder and sweeter dessert neighbor, Luigi’s Ice Cream has arrived in incredible fashion. With a huge variety of flavors between hard ice cream and ice cream rolls, the selections are truly endless. What makes this place truly standout, is how passionate the owner and employees are about providing quality ice cream.

Let me start off by saying everything is fantastic. The first thing I managed to try was their ice cream sandwiches served on a heated glazed doughnut which is as mouthwatering as it sounds. With the ice cream roll phase making as much noise as it has been, it seems as if quality ice cream can be forgotten at times. What makes Luigi’s different is that when it comes to the bottom line, the ice cream always comes first. Everything is homemade and it is all about quality ingredients whether you are eating a scoop or a custom ice cream roll with an endless amount of toppings.


Luigi’s Ice Cream is definitely a very welcomed treat to the beautiful town of Summit. I highly recommend dropping by and grabbing some ice cream. The doughnut sandwich is a MUST try! They even provide you with special utensils to really appreciate the experience.


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