Playa Bowls is healthy, delicious, and an exciting experience!

On September 29th, 2018, Playa Bowls in Summit officially opened it’s doors for the first time. The line was out the door. There was music and an incredibly excited crowd. People were heavily anticipating the official grand opening. The electricity from the customers was just absolutely unbelievable. This was the start of something incredible.

I was first introduced to the Acai bowl phase a few weeks before at a different local shop. What made Playa Bowls stand out, was that their acai bowls were 100% acai berries. Other locations tend to mix the fruit with yogurts which is incredible, but this was like a whole another experience. They have a large selection to pick from along with a huge selection of toppings to mix in. Whether you are looking for acai, pataya (dragon fruit), banana, green bowls, and so much more, you selection is endless!

Playa Bowls is all about servicing the community. The staff is fantastic and super friendly. They have been open with working with us with community giveaways through social media. We will do more giveaways with them in the future (no purchase required to participate). Just follow us and stay tuned for future events. |