Welcome to The Boxwood!

As a former New Yorker, finding a great local coffee shop was a bit of a struggle. With all that being said, The Boxwood is unlike any other coffee shop experience in the entire tri state. When you walk in you are hit with the beautiful aroma of fresh coffee as you are greeted by the all-star staff who takes incredible pride in every cup. From it’s large drink selections to its gigantic display case of pastries and sandwiches, what makes The Boxwood so special is that it literally has something to offer to everyone.

For starters, every incredible coffee shop comes with incredible baristas, and The Boxwood represents this in everyway imaginable. Open 7 days a week, each staff member brings the consistency in both its drink qualities and customer service qualities making each visit a priceless experience. Each staff member is also extremely educated when it comes to coffee. I often walk out learning something new every single time. The staff is extremely friendly and honestly just loves seeing that smile and satisfaction on the faces of their happy customers.

Besides an incredible staff, of course we have to talk about the drink selections. To keep it simple, everything is fantastic. Their wide selection is a coffee lovers dream making it really easy to get stuck here for hours. There has been countless of times when, I have walked in expecting to take down a latte just to find myself stuck behind my computer sipping on my 2nd or 3rd several hours later. (buy 10 get 1 free!) They have great selections which include incredible roasts, pour overs, lattes (the mocha and honey cinnamon lattes are incredible selections), cold brews (nitro included) and a huge variety of teas (including a lovely Matcha Latte). If you are looking to be wowed, you will be absolutely mesmerized by the presentations. The baristas are incredible latte artist who constantly leave me jawdropped by what they are able to draw and throw down in your beverage.

Boxwood is all about the community. Whether it is their Summit location or their Westfield location, The Boxwood is constantly throwing amazing public events. These events include coffee cupping (wine tasting for coffee lovers) with their in house coffee roaster, Quiz Nights, and Open Mic nights. Every event is an exciting social event in which you can meet some incredible people. So if you have not checked out The Boxwood yet, definitely take the time to visit. The coffee is immaculate and staff is incredible making this an unforgettable experience. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram today!!

www.facebook.com/boxwoodcoffee | www.instagram.com/boxwood_coffee